Saturday, December 17, 2011


I hope life is like playing a piano, where I can always go back to the part that I wanted. When it's up to me which part I want to play and leave behind those I don't like (or those I'm not good at). I can always stop and repeat from the start, where all the tunes were just a simple melody, yet beautiful to hear. Everything is calm and peaceful.

Unfortunately, it isn't. We have to go through all the parts and it doesn't care whether we feel like being dragged because our steps are just not fast enough to catch up the pace. And the saddest thing is, there are parts that I can't come back to, no matter how bad I want it. 

Well, nonetheless, I know at the end I have to finish the song. From the start to the end. I'm trying hard to keep up and I know mistakes are allowed. It's human and we can always improvise. It's better than stopping in the middle, giving up without even trying to reach the finish line.

I want to (and I will) play a divine melody.