Friday, September 25, 2009

i miss the old me

I miss the old me.

who don't know that much, so i could do things sincerely without any unnecessary thoughts.

who can smile easily, out of my heart

who didn't expect to much on people, but put all her hope in God alone

who saw all she got, rather than what she didn't

who just follow her heart in doing things, and get more than what she expected

who can humbly do what she can do

who has brought me here. as I am right now. 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Encounter Retreat :)

Dari ER kali ini, gw belajar banyak hal baru dengan pengalaman-pengalaman yang baru pula. Sebelum ER, rasanya bener-bener menggebu-gebu. Rasanya Tuhan bener-bener berikan hati yang rindu untuk melihat anak-anak baru merasakan dan mengalami Tuhan secara pribadi, sama seperti yang pernah gw alamin dulu. 

at the end, he makes me smile, like always. :)