Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How Great Thou Art

It was an amazing journey that one has to go through, moments that will never be forgotten and times that always stuck in one's head.

There was time to say hello, to force yourself to say that awkward 'hi', to spend time in that odd silence. But when it all started, just like a roller coaster, the starting part seems to be forever but when it gets exciting, time passes so fast. In just few seconds you realized you have reached the end. The ride's over. But well, in life, there's always another ride to go.

I've been spending these incredibly fast 4 years here and now it's a time to go. It has been a wonderful journey that has been a part of who I am. I've laughed, cried my eyes out, made mistakes (well, a lot of them), fell down, got back up, and learned. I've met amazing people with whom I can be who I really am. People that saw my strength when I can't, listened when I need ears to listen, or even just be there. I love every single moment that I've spent and there's nothing to regret.

The hard part is when you know it's not gonna be forever. Soon we have to choose our own path. Oh really, I'm gonna miss that long night chat, watching movies together, and all the joke we shared. I know it's not the end, it's just another beginning. Sadly, it won't be the same. But who knows, maybe we can meet on the other rides of life. Til that, we're going to walk our dreams. I believe, when we meet again, we'll be at the peak of different hills.

It's never been easy to say good bye. True story. But I know that I have a long way to go that He has planned it for me, and so do you. All that I can say now is thank you and thank You. Cause when I look back, the only thing I see is how great Thou art.

Now I'm in the queue of another ride. And yeah, I'm ready for that.

Godspeed everyone!