Thursday, July 30, 2009

Responsibility Metre

"I wonder why my children are not responsible enough, eventhough they are all grown up.."
That was a familiar phrase that I often hear from my mom's mouth.

In my mind, I think that I am responsible. It's just her that doesn't appreciate what I've done. She tends to look for just the bad things of me and closes her eyes for the good things. She often compares me and my siblings with any other children that she thinks are better than us. Or maybe it was just my feeling. I ever told her, "do not just look for the one above you, also look for them who are below you." You'll get a neck pain if you always look to ceilling, right? Sometimes you also have to see who's below you, or you'll get crazy, thinking that you are the worst and unluckiest person in the world. It is good to see great people, it motivates you to achieve more. But I think everything should be balance.

Okay, so here is the story. It is just a little simple mistake that I made several days ago. Sometimes simple things can open up our minds.
I went to my cousins house to use their internet connection (coz I don't hav it at home. duhh..). My dad told me to search and print a list of banks and their address and phone number. I did print it out. But then I forget to bring it home!

The next thing, my mom said.. "See? Even this little thing you can't handle".
I want to argue. To say that I'm not wrong. I just forget to bring it back. Every people can forget simple things right?
But then I realized. It was true. It was my mistake. So I just kept silent.
The hardest part is to admit that I am wrong. I don't want to be blaimed that I made a mistake.
But still, if you resist to admit it, than you'll never learn from it. Because you will always think that you are right.

Sooo... maybe my mom is right. Maybe my responsibility doesn't suit my grown up age yet.
Whatever it is, I don't really care, I will just learn and do it better nextime. Yeaaaa! :D

Okay then, that's all.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello world!

this is my very first blog. 
I admit that I am not a good writer or anything about words. 
I've just attended a workshop about blogging and get motivated to make one. hahaa.

The speaker asked me "why do you want to make a blog?" 
After a bit "errr... errr" finally I answered, "just trying.." :)

Then the speaker continue her speech. For her, blog is like a garbage can.
It is a place for you to just put everything that you've been thinking. Rather than saving it for your self and get stressed (if it is a problem, of course..), you better write it and share with others. It will help. That is really truly right! I definitely agree with her. Sometimes I got a lot of thoughts in my mind, good or bad one. And I think I need a place to just pour it out and save it, so then I can look back and remember about it. sooooo... finally.. here I am with my blog. hehe.

okay that's all.