Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to Know What You Want in Life

I often heard people telling you to always follow your vision. If you're facing two paths and don't know where to go, just remember, only follow what brings you closer to your vision.

I do understand that. However, no one has ever taught me how to find our own vision at the first place. Vision is different from a want. It's much bigger than that. It needs an ability to look far outside and deep inside to determine what you really want in your life. 

After all, I believe that human being is created for a specific reason. Each one of us came to this world carrying a duty that only that specific individual can fulfil. 

To be honest, up to now, I haven't found that. I'm still searching of what I really wanna do in this life and what I meant to be. And indeed, without that, I feel a bit lost. It's like your life is just going with the flow without a certain destination. It makes making decision even harder. 

If anyone knows the answer, please tell me that. I desperately need that for sure. 

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