Monday, August 5, 2013

How To Be Creative

Some people seem to have an innate gift of being creative. They are like a think tank where you can ask any question and they can just pop with the answer or a mind-blowing idea. No struggle, no long night thinking, it just happens in a finger snap. Life seems to be so easy for them.
I know, the description might be exaggerating, but you got what I mean. If you work in creative industry (or even not), I believe you have met such people. I’m not them, to be honest, though I desperately want to have that kind of brain. Especially, when I need to spend several days searching for an idea, while they only need 5 minutes. Even worse, their 5-minutes idea is better.

Is it really true that some people are born creative, and some aren’t? I don’t believe that, cause it won’t be fair. I always believe, deep down, everyone in this whole world has a creative mind. It’s already inside us. However, the way it shows is different one another. If you are like me, and ever had the same thought of mine, here’s some words for you to help your creative journey.

Believe it

Several rejections on your ideas don’t make you an uncreative person. Even thousands of it won’t do. If no one believes you, at least you believe in yourself. I believe that you are a creative person, darling. What you believe leads to what you think, what you think leads to what you say, what you say leads to what you do and become. Even if you don’t feel so, well, just fake it. Fake it till you become it.

Thinking Out Loud

You’re together with your colleague and boss and you are talking about an issue happening in your company. An idea pops into your mind, and it feels like a good one. You think to yourself, ‘I have to say this… But I have to wait for the right time, my boss is talking right now. But wait, it doesn’t seem good if I think about it again. It’s still rough. And oh! The topic just changed.. Well, never mind. It’s not a good idea after all. Maybe next time.’ The right time will never come. You are the one who chooses it. So, before the idea and all its energy are gone, say it. Some people seem to be more creative than others because they think out loud. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a good one or no, at least they say it. Say first, think again later. Well, I know this is not always right, but definitely a good start.

It Takes Time

Not all people are granted with a fast mind. Sometimes some people need longer time to find a good idea. That doesn’t make them uncreative. It’s okay if you don’t have a good idea right away. Think about it again, do research, do refreshing or whatever it takes. Come back with a damn good idea and surprise them.

The How and The Why

When I was in college, I took design course and I was taught to have strategy and reasons in every design I make. That’s ideally. However, I find it hard to do that. Most of the time, I created the design first and mixed and matched the rationale behind it to meet the concept afterward. I felt bad about that as I know it wasn’t the right way of working and I asked to one of my good lecturer. He answered lightly, ‘It’s okay. Some people work that way’. I agree with him. Not that I want to make myself right, but there are things that you just can’t plan. Some times you have to try it first and see whether it works or not. Of course you need to have a big picture first, but the details you can worry about them later. The sooner you know you are wrong, the better it is. Like Nike says, ‘just do it’. A good idea can come up along the way.

That’s all my thought on being creative. I, myself, still trying hard to make the best of my creativity, knowing how it works and use it well. Unleashing it inside out. Wish all the best to you all creative people. Remember, you’ve got what it takes to be one.


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